Spiritual and Political Leaders

Supplement to the Workshop & Coaching pages. For all spiritual and political leaders.

Photo Credit: Carlos E. Santa Maria
Photo Credit: Carlos E. Santa Maria

More than ever in today’s world, we need to learn to dialog about differing views. The Universal Influencing Skills Series teaches people how to do that.

The workshops and coaching go beyond what you might consider superficial techniques. People are motivated to alleviate relationship stress at work or at home, so they typically jump at the chance to try their new skills. The amazing effectiveness of these techniques provides quick success, which fuels their motivation. As time goes by, people develop patience, character, compassion, and empathy. Barriers to positive growth can be addressed in private coaching.

I understand that often your most immediate concern is building teamwork just within the staff that form your immediate circle. I can help with that.

And some of you are in a position of counseling others, and yet you don’t feel adequately trained. The skills I teach are so valuable that you can become masterful simply by focusing on them.

Let me show you how we can create positive change in any area of focus.

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Note for others who have come across this page:

This image represents servant leadership, what many consider the greatest form of leadership. It is beneficial for every enterprise — both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations — and every other type of organization. For anyone reading this page who is NOT familiar with the concept, allow me to provide a definition:

Servant leaders act according to the highest principles, and they place the wellbeing of the subordinates above self-focus and self-promotion. Servants leaders provide what the subordinates need to do their work. Servant leaders “have the backs” of their subordinates, remaining loyal and true. Servant leaders can accomplish great results and leave a truly great legacy.