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Supplement to the Workshop & Coaching pages. For Sales and Customer Care staff members.

Photo Credit: AndreyPopov
Photo Credit: AndreyPopov

I can help you master the single most important skill in sales. Effective listening and responding. And here’s a story I’ll tell on myself:

I use training videos in my workshops (along with other techniques). The main video used in Workshop #1 shows a manager and a subordinate in a difficult conversation. Those videos were filmed in Illinois, and the actor I hired to play the supervisor is a salesman by day. When he saw the script he said,

“This is sales training!”

I responded, “Oh, but it’s so much more than that!”

Here I was, with a master’s in counseling. Yes, of course I saw my training as helping managers manage, and even more enthusiastically I saw it as saving the world! Saving marriages! Saving families! Healing people emotionally! And the last thing I thought about was sales training!

But he was right.

That’s why we call the Workshop Series “The Universal Influencing Skills Series.” Believe it or not, some of the same skills that can save your marriage or heal someone emotionally can also help you sell really well. I’m not saying the skill sets are a complete overlap. I’m saying that I can teach you THE most important skills that you need to be effective in sales.

Likewise, in customer care or customer service, these techniques are well known for helping the customer feel good. I know many of you customer-care workers are “dinged” at work if you fail to use the techniques I teach you. Some of you have already been taught to use the main skill in Workshop #1. What I hear from you, though, is that you struggle to sound natural, less robotic, so that you can avoid annoying the customer. I can help you.

SO CONTACT ME NOW to get started with improving your sales or customer service skills, or the skills of your staff.

On the Power of Good Listening:

Gary Vaynerchuk, marketing wiz: “You want to know what a great salesperson is? A listener.”

Dr. Robert Bolton, author, People Skills: “The defensiveness-reducing power of good listening is truly remarkable. For many people, it must be seen to be believed.”

Dr. Stephen Covey, author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People on Habit 5, good listening: “The single most important principle in the field of interpersonal relations.”