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Reviews, Comments, and Testimonials

(We add video reviews & testimonials at the bottom of this page when we find individuals who are willing to appear on camera. They are not actors, and these are not professional videos. These are real, authentic individuals who wanted to share some comments about how one of our workshops helped them and others they care about.)


“This was fantastic! Nothing to improve!” — Mandy, vet clinic

“Caryl facilitated a class on Active Listening and is a fantastic communicator. Caryl’s strength comes from her empathy for those she works with and for. I have met very few that have matched Caryl’s genuine concern for those placed in her path. She is knowledgeable about her subject matter and is driven by her passion to help others achieve the life they long for. I am grateful to have Caryl as a colleague and look forward to working with her again in the future.” — Chris Schaffner, Founder, Conversations on the Fringe

“I serve on a non-profit board and, at one meeting, there was a dispute between 2 groups. We went round and round for about 35 minutes. Finally, I decided to speak up and use what you taught us. Immediately the 2 groups understood each other, a decision was made that everyone was happy with, and we were done with the meeting — all in about 5 minutes!” –- Blake

“I tried this when a family conflict blew up. I spoke up kind of as the middleman. The conflict was resolved just like that.” –- Shannon

“My wife says that I’ve become a much better listener.” -– Ben

“I tried this with my husband. The first time, I couldn’t do it. The second time, I managed to do it, and it worked!” –- Cindy

“Caryl’s workshop really engaged our team and showed us a way we can improve our work that doesn’t cost us anything!” — Kevin B., manufacturing company

“I was talking with my friend last Christmas. She was going through a rough time because she had lost her father the year before. I started using what you taught us, and she was like, ‘Wow!’ She felt like somebody was finally listening to her.” –- Mandy

“Everyone could use this. In some ways, it’s the ultimate ‘tool’ for human relationships, with broad potential applications. In business, the most useful management tool and a way to create a good environment for employees. In personal relationships, the way to take conversations from hostile to healing. In the spiritual area, a genuine compassion practice.” –- Jean Sloan

“Caryl’s spiritual walk, skill with people, and commitment to help improve communication skills and organizational leadership made her book and workshop very practical and effective. She provides a glimmer of hope and inspirational insight to schools, small groups, or businesses who want to improve work relationships.” -– Jackie Greer-Buchanan, B.S. M.S., retired teacher

“When I was stumped by a challenging situation in my business, I turned to Caryl. In our one-on-one conversation, she helped me gain clarity about why I was feeling so uncertain. She also suggested options that hadn’t occurred to me before. Without telling me what to do, she asked just the right questions to help me discover my own answers. Caryl is a compassionate listener and an insightful coach, and I highly recommend her to anyone who could use a fresh perspective.” — Kathy Carter, freelance book editor

“Caryl has truly helped me in taking a fresh look at my life situations and been a great sounding board with both compassion and empathy. She never directly says what I should do, but offers sensitive insights that help me gain a fresh perspective. I feel very comfortable in sharing what is on my mind and heart, and never judged or criticized. I recommend Caryl as a coach – she is both professional and personal. I always feel better after sorting through issues with her.” — Beth M.

“Caryl has a conducive, composed, and compassionate disposition; Caryl
 is also a patient, passionate, and proficient mentor!” — Malia Heckathorn, adult student at Illinois Central College

“This year was great for me because of Caryl… I love the way she teaches… Try her teaching only one time and you 
will be hooked on learning.” — Marie Batrouni, adult student at Illinois Central College

I came to Mrs. Schlicher for help on the SAT reading/writing sections and my application essays for the Illinois Math and Science Academy (IMSA). She has since helped me better articulate my thoughts and strengthen my grammar and passage-analysis skills. Mrs. Schlicher is professional and focused, and each session with her was productive and rewarding. Her expert writing skills and past teaching experience makes her the perfect tutor. Thanks to her, I was accepted into IMSA!” — Claire Wang, student at the Illinois Math and Science Academy, Class of 2018



Her friend says, “Somebody is finally listening to me!”

He’s proud to have been able to save a board meeting. Don’t we all want to make a difference?