Professional Helpers

Supplement to the Workshop & Coaching pages. For professional helpers: teachers, coaches, and health professionals.

Photo Credit: SpeedKingz
Photo Credit: SpeedKingz

Most of us in various helping professions were not taught nuts-and-bolts influencing skills. Among all the helping professions, usually only counselors are taught such basic skills. And even they may wish to attend the Universal Skills workshops to compare notes, recheck themselves, and see how the training methods could help their clients. But often, coaches, teachers, and many health professionals are turned loose in their careers without one bit of preparation in influencing, listening, and counseling skills. And that’s not fair to any of you if you’re in that position. Nothing is more important to your effectiveness.

Regarding the medical profession, my own family doc encouraged me to take my training to doctors and other health professionals. He gave two reasons: 1) high quality listening and influencing techniques (which don’t have to take a lot of time) are instrumental, he said, in avoiding lawsuits.  2) He said doctors need to negotiate contracts, and nothing is more important to negotiating than possessing these universal influencing skills. I think his ideas are worth considering.

No matter what type of helping career you have, the Universal Influencing Skills Series can help you feel more prepared for your challenges on the job, and it can also give you great ideas for helping your clients, students, patients, or even your peers.

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One Point Worth Emphasizing: Good Listening

Dr. Peter Pronovost, anesthesiologist, Johns Hopkins Sr. Vice-President For Patient Safety and Quality: “Doctors need to listen more and talk less.”

Dr. Robert Bolton, author, People Skills: “The defensiveness-reducing power of good listening is truly remarkable. For many people, it must be seen to be believed.”

Dr. Stephen Covey, author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People on Habit 5, good listening: “The single most important principle in the field of interpersonal relations.”