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Communication Workshops

Your influence is built through your communication. So what does it take to improve communication in real-life, fast-moving situations after years of habit-formation?

  • realize the benefits,
  • focus on one concrete behavior at a time,
  • learn “eye-opening” concepts,
  • use effective experiential learning and incremental practice,
  • celebrate significant progress, enjoy positive reinforcement,
  • deepen your understanding as you develop mastery through follow-up coaching

Fast results provide even more motivation as you develop:

  • Leadership & management skills
  • Cooperation & teamwork
  • Communication & listening skills
  • Conflict management & prevention

Each workshop can be customized for your group/organization and your unique goals, but we often recommend The Universal Influencing Skills Series. These are in-depth skill-development workshops for those who are serious about personal growth and improving leadership skills.

The Universal Influencing Skills Series

Workshop #1, Influencing With The Reflective Response (See Video of Some Opening Remarks)

A good place to begin is with skill training in what many experts consider the greatest, most fundamental skill of all — what I call “The Reflective Response.” Some call it empathy or reflective listening or active listening, but people often use those terms and are not talking about the exact skill that so dramatically increases your influence. You’ll learn about this most powerful technique. You’ll see its power displayed right before your eyes. Best of all, you’ll learn exactly how to do it, and by the time you leave, you’ll be practiced and ready to start improving every area of your life, at work or at home. This technique is universally valuable for

  • increasing your influence/persuasive power
  • eliminating & preventing conflict
  • preventing confusion
  • building closeness, cooperation, & teamwork
  • comforting others
  • healing people emotionally

Workshop #2, Influencing With The The Assertive Response

Workshop #2 is the logical sequel to Workshop #1. Once the other party feels heard and understood, you’re ready to move to the next part of influence. In this workshop you’ll learn productive ways of expressing your opinion, concern, disagreement, advice, or request. Equally important, you’ll be able to relax with confidence, knowing you’re handling yourself well. Eliminating self-doubt and general uncertainty helps you perform especially well. We’ll practice I-statements and clarify areas of personal responsibility and “boundaries.” You’ll feel more confident than ever as you continue to practice your growing repertoire of skills.

Some special notes for your area of interest:

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