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Supplement to the Workshop & Coaching pages. For business owners, managers, supervisors, project managers, team members, etc.

Photo Credit: Mangostar
Photo Credit: Mangostar


We’re building:

  • Leadership & management skills
  • Cooperation & teamwork
  • Communication & listening skills
  • Conflict management & prevention

because your main goal is probably, quite simply, to get your employees’ best.

Consider the specific, measurable benefits, according to Gallup (1) and other companies — IMPROVEMENTS IN: 

  • Quality (projects as well as products)
  • Sales
  • Productivity
  • Absenteeism/turnover
  • Revenue/profit
  • Safety & shrinkage
  • Customer satisfaction

And one more benefit, according to Kaiser Permanente and other companies (2) 

  • Healthcare cost reduction


(1)  You may wish to search for the Gallup 2012 Q-12 Meta-Analysis, “The Relationship Between Engagement At Work and Organizational Outcomes”

(2) Research shows that addressing mental health issues – especially the ordinary psychological issues which we know arise from relationship stress – provides a significant cost offset in the healthcare area. In other words, for every dollar you invest in lowering your employees’ emotional stress at work and at home, you’ll save more than that dollar in medical costs. One study found a savings of $5.75 for every dollar spent. Another found a 16.7% difference in costs. (Click HERE for a quick summary of the research overall.)

But it appears those studies looked at traditional counseling. What if we employ a fast-acting method for modifying human interaction, an extremely behavioral approach that works? People can then take control immediately of situations or conversations that were previously generating feelings of stress or powerlessness. As we know, those kinds of feelings can produce anxiety, depression, and physical symptoms.

With training and follow-up coaching, your employees will not only BE more masterful and influential, but FEEL more masterful, now focusing on what they CAN control. They’ll also be focused on extremely specific goals and behavior change that they see as BENEFITING THEM. And because of that specific focus that we offer, plus their natural desire to master various situations, they’ll often see phenomenal results. Going forward, they’ll have a method of practice that they can continue to perfect throughout their lives. The result: greater success for everyone.

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One Point Worth Emphasizing: Good Listening

Peter Drucker, business management expert: “Listen first, speak last.”

Lee Iacocca, former Chairman of the Chrysler Corporation: “I only wish I could find an institute that teaches people how to listen.”